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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frugal frivolity: e.l.f. cosmetics


I recently discovered the E.L.F. line of cosmetics: hip, ingenious cosmetics at dollar store prices. Really. A buck for many items, a whopping three if you upgrade to the "studio" line. They also offer frequent discount codes if you register (or you can just search e.l.f on dealnews, a site I check with a regularity I wish I could bring to flossing. I discovered e.l.f. there, when they were offering 75% off the studio line. We've been on a tight budget since our epic vacation, so it was really a treat to get a box full of girly froufrou for under $15. The quality is about par with drugstore brands like Rimmel but the colors and formulations are really department-store worthy. I especially love the liner sealer tip of the liner/primer, a very cool and precise way to turn any eye shadow into liner. The eye transformer, a palette of powders that magically change my grey shadow to opalescent jewel tones, is amazingly versatile as well. It must be said that the sponge applicators and brushes are pretty poor. But I have decent brush sets already. Brushes, foundations, and skin care are where I like to spend a little more, when I can. Those are like the classic pieces of a good wardrobe. Colors are accessories.

I think anything that lets you feel frivolous while being frugal is Noteworthy. Definitely check it out. At these prices you can even try something wild and trendy (a little neon? a little sparkle?). I'm seriously considering going all out diva and springing for the offer that came in my inbox today: the large makeup collection is half off with code EGMCB. That's the small one pictured on my dressing table above, next to my beloved Superhero starburst pendant, for scale.

If you're stuck with what to do when your box of froufrou arrives, you might get some inspiration from Allison Czarnecki's fun and helpful smokey eye tutorial on Design Mom. Have fun and be fabulous!

No kickback, referral fee, company shares, favors owed, or other vested interest here. I will always tell you when there is, okay?

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Blogger Jennifer H said...

Yeah, I need a girly pick-me-up... will definitely check this out.

September 15, 2009 at 5:04 PM  

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